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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Install an electric vehicle charging station in your home

Do you struggle to find places to charge your car? This can become really inconvenient, especially if you're almost out of power. Thankfully, you can install an electric vehicle charging station in your own home when you work with Tri-County Electric located in Danbury, CT & serving customers in the Tri-County Area.

Whether you drive a Tesla or another type of electric car, you can count on our licensed and insured electrician to install top-of-the-line equipment that will make charging your car as convenient as possible. Reach out to us right away to get a Tesla charging station installation.

Discover our charging station installation process

Getting an electric vehicle charging station installed may seem lengthy and confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Once you choose your charger, just set up an appointment with us. Our team will:

  • Take measurements
  • Suggest a place for your charger
  • Install your charger and the outlets for the charger

Ready to invest in your own charging station? Schedule an appointment for a Tesla charging station installation with us today.